Mother Hubbard's Restaurant
373 Avenue of the Flags
​Where our neighbors eat
Phone: 805-688-3912
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Breakfast Served from 7:30AM till 12:30ish
Minced Ham & Eggs
Choice ham, diced and scrambled with two extra large eggs . Includes our special recipe for home fries or hash browns, two homemade country biscuits or toast & jam. 
Corned Beef Hash
Our hash is made from scratch, starting with corning our own beef and topped with two extra large eggs. Served with our special recipe for home fries or hash browns, country biscuits or toast & jam 
Breakfast Bagel
Bacon, cheese and egg on a toasted bagel with hash browns or home fries 
Breakfast Wrap
Filled with baby spinach, Feta, and scrambled eggs, served with choice of tomatoes, fruit or cottage cheese 
The Buellton Scramble
A satisfying mix of bacon, tomato, cheddar and onions, with the normal fixings 

Family Favorites
Mom's Favorite
Two blueberry pancakes, 5 oz Premium Sausage Patty and fruit salad
Phil's Sandwich
An English muffin topped with thin sliced ham, melted cheese and an egg served with a choice of potatoes
Scott's Snack
Two breakfast burritos served with salsa and choice of potatoes
Jon's Platter
Two slices of  french toast, two eggs and two slices country bacon  or choose a ham steak 
Chad's Scramble
Sausage, cheese, onion and bell peppers combined with two scrambled eggs, potatoes and toast 
Just Jeremy's 
Two eggs with bacon, cottage cheese, toast and fruit 
Family Scramble 
Italian sausage, mushrooms, onions, spinach and jack, served with potatoes and toast 

Valley Favorites
Two extra large eggs, home fries or hash browns, two home made buttermilk country biscuits or toast & jam or two cakes instead of potatos and toast
Apple Wood Smoked Bacon & Eggs 
Chicken Fried Steak & Eggs 
Sausage Patty & Eggs 
Premium Ham Steak & Eggs
Burger Steak and Eggs
Steak & Eggs 
Boneless Pork Chop and Eggs 

Made with three extra large eggs home fries or hash browns, two home made buttermilk country biscuits or toast and jam or have two cakes instead of potatoes and toast
Veggie or Mushroom and Cheese
Freshly steamed veggies or mushrooms 
Ham, Bacon, or Sausage & Cheese
Your favorite breakfast meat with cheese
Ham, green chilies and onions
Ham, green chilies, onions & cheese 
Avocado, diced marinated chicken breast & Jack 
Pork sausage, onion, chilies, tomatoes, Jack 
Baby spinach, feta, sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms 
Farmer Bob's  
Mushroom, cheese and ham 
The Albuquerque
Guacamole, bacon, onions and jack 
Avocado, bacon, tomato and jack 
The Philly Cheese
 A Philly Cheese Steak turned into an omelette 

Griddle Vittles
Belgian Waffle Combo
A from scratch waffle, extra large egg & 2 strips country bacon 
Short Stack
Two fresh from the griddle pancakes
Four fresh from the griddle pancakes
 French Toast
3 pieces of cinnamon swirl bread in a mix of eggs, cream and vanilla, served with a dusting of powdered sugar
Belgian Waffle
A simple waffle with syrup 
The Deluxe Combo
A fresh waffle, 2 eggs and a full order of bacon, ham or sausage

All our items are prepared to order so we can maintain freshness and quality . . . .
This takes time - Please be patient with us during peak hours and weekends
as we carefully prepare your meal.

Our eggs are from a local producer who raises the chickens in a cage-free environment without the use of drugs or hormones.